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Happy Hour is BACK! 2-4pm


(Any order will receive a House Joint during happy hour)




Orgasmic OG Hash- Hybrid-----------------------------$20 gram

SFV OG -Shatter- Indica---------------------------------$15 half gram, $30 gram

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies -Shatter- Hybrid---$15 half gram, $30 gram

Gelato -Shatter- Hybrid-----------------------------------$15 half gram, $30 gram

Storm Trooper -Shatter- Indica------------------------$25 half gram, $40 gram

Blue Dream -Crumble- Sativa--------------------------$40 gram

Skywalker OG-Shatter- Indica-------------------------$30 half gram, $50 gram

Legend Valley OG -Shatter- Indica-------------------$30 half gram, $50 gram

Do-si-dos -Shatter- Hybrid------------------------------$30 half gram, $50 gram

AC/DC -Isolate- CBD--------------------------------------$50 gram



Pure Gold

$40 .5g Enjoy five smoke-free flavors: Classic, Pineapple, Creme Brulee, Spearmint and Earl Grey as well as/ Pure Gold Plus (CBD)

New Strain Specific Pure Gold Catridges:

$40 -.5 half gr. "Gold Cart Vape Tank" *INDICA*: Skywalker OG, Girl Scout Cookies.

$40 -.5 half gr. "Gold Cart Vape Tank" *HYBRID*: Gorilla Glue 4.

$40 -.5 half gr. "Gold Cart Vape Tank" *SATIVA*: Strawberry Cough, Sour Diesel.

$50 -.5 half gr "Gold Cart Vape Tank" *PURE CBD*



$30 -.5 half gr. "Panda Vape Tank" *INDICA*


$30 -.5 half gr. "Panda Vape Tank" *HYBRID*


$30 -.5 half gr. "Panda Vape Tank" *SATIVA*


$20 Panda Puff - Disposable Vape Pen .3gr



$30 - .5 half gr. "Flav RX Vape Tank" *INDICA*


$30 - .5 half gr. "Flav RX Vape Tank" *HYBRID*


$30 - .5 half gr. "Flav RX Vape Tank" *SATIVA*


FlavRx "Double Black Label" Premium Vape Cartridge - 1 Gram tank with battery, tested @ 80-90%THC - $70/each


$60 - 1 GRAM "Flav RX Vape Tank" *INDICA*


$60 - 1 GRAM "Flav RX Vape Tank" *HYBRID*


$60 - 1 GRAM "Flav RX Vape Tank" *SATIVA*


Pure Ratios "Topical Patch" $20

Types: 18:1 CBD(38mg CBD, 2mg THC), 1:1 CBD:THC(20mg CBD, 20mg THC), 4:1 CBD:THC(32mg CBD, 8mg THC), 40mg CBD.

(Up to 96 hours RELIEF)

FlavRx CBD oil Vape Cartridges - 200mg Organic Distilate Hemp CBD Oil - $40

FlavRx Premium Vape Cartridge - .5g - 500mg - $30/ea

FlavRx "Double Black Label" Premium Vape Cartridge - 1 Gram tank with battery, tested @ 80-90%THC - $60/each

FlavRx Candy - 10mg per piece - 100mg total per bag - $10

Blueberry Belts, Stawberry Belts, Watermelon Belts, Pink Lemonade Belts, Apple Belts.

Peach Rings, Neon Worms, Gummy Bears.

FlavRx CBD Candy - 10mg CBD per piece - 100mg CBD total per bag - $15

-Pink Lemonade Belts.

KIVA "Petra Mints"  Flavors: Eucalyptus or Moroccan Mint. 2.5 MG THC per mint with 105mg per box with 42 mints total for $15

KIVA Blueberries (Covered in Milk Choclate) 120mg THC, 5mg THC per Bean - $20

KIVA Espresso Beans (Covered in Dark Chocolate) 120mg THC, 5mg THC per Bean - $20

KIVA 180mg Chocolate Bars. Flavors- Mint Irish Cream or Vanilla Chai(Milk chocolate), Tangerine or Blackberry(Dark chocolate) - $20

KIVA Dark & Milk Chocolate MINIS - 15mg THC - $3

Honey Pot Cannabis Infused Tea (Chamomile Lavender Peppermint, Calendula Guava Mango Black Tea, Cranberry Orange Rooibos Tea, Sencha Green Tea) - $16

Honey Pot CBD Honey & Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil - $20

Honey Pot Indica Honey & Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil - $16

Honey Pot Bear Butter CBD Body Lotion - $20 (50mg CBD)

Honey Pot Bear Butter Balanced Body Lotion - $20

Honey Pot CBD Balm - $20 (50mg CBD)

Honey Pot Balanced Balm - $20

Charlotte's Web - Premium Hemp Extract Supplement

Everyday 200 - $40

Everyday Advanced 5000 - $150

Panda Liquid Shatter Cartridge $30/ea ~ Available in Indica, Hybrid and Sativa (call for strains)


 Vet CBD - For Pets

 2 FL.OZ - 230mg CBD - $70

 1 FL.OZ - 115mg CBD - $40


Kushy Punch Gummy Edible CBD - $20

Bhang Stick Vape Tank

$50 .5 Half Gram 2:1 Cbd to Thc vaporizer tank. (127mg Thc, 247mg Cbd, .115mg Cbn)


$20 Panda Puffs - .3mg Disposable Vape Pen -  SATIVA, HYBRID, INDICA

$60 Gold Mist CBD:
$50 Gold Mist

$25 240mg Caramel Mocha milk Chocolate quad dose and Parisian Espresso quad dose Bhang Bar Dark Chocolate

$20 Bhang Bite Chocolate Truffle (3x)

$20 Bhang! Bar (3x) - Mint/Orange Spice/Cookies&Cream/Cherries&Cream

$15 Bhang! Bar (2x) - Milk and Dark Chocolate.

$15 Bhang Bar Caramel 50/50 THC/CBD (2x)

$10 Bhang! Bar (1x)

$25 Bhang CBD Rich Hemp oil Gum 4 pieces
(25mg CBD per piece)

$30 Bhang Gum 50/50 50mgCBD/50mgTHC 4 pieces

$10 Bud Barber Chocolate Chip Cookie 60mg THC

$5 Teenie Greenie Chocolate Chip Cookie

$5 Jolly Ranchers

$10 Cheeba Chews quad dose- Indica/Sativa/Hybrid 70mg THC

$15 CBD Cheeba Chew 50mg CBD, 2mg THC
$15 100mg Caramel -Hybrid- Cheeba Chew

$20 Medicated Butter: 4 ounces jar (one stick) 18-20 doses

$20 Ganja Glycerine

$30 Gold Caps THC Pills (5) - 25mg THC

$40 Gold Caps HYBRID Pills (5) - 12.5mg THC / 12.5 CBD

$40 CBD Gold Caps. INDICA Pills (10) - 10mg CBD Capsules per bottle.

$10 Cereal Bars: Fruity Pebbles, Rice Crispie Treat

$10 Bud Barber Brownie


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